X Touts User Growth and Engagement Increases in Latest Usage Report

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has released new usage statistics that paint a picture of growth, despite some reports suggesting otherwise. In its latest data release, X states that 570 million people are now logging into the platform every month, marking a 6% year-over-year increase. The company also reports that users are spending more cumulative time on X, with 361.9 billion daily user seconds. Additionally, video views have surged by 45% to reach 8.2 billion per day on the platform.

While these numbers seem to indicate positive momentum for X, some discrepancies and omissions raise questions about the full story. Notably absent from the report is an update on daily active users, which have remained stagnant at 250 million since November 2022. This suggests that while monthly active users may have grown by 70 million since October, daily usage has not seen the same expansion. It's possible that users are checking the platform more sporadically without increasing their day-to-day engagement.

Furthermore, the reported "daily user seconds" metric seems to conflict with previously shared data. The 361.9 billion seconds, equivalent to 6.03 billion minutes per day, is significantly lower than the 8 billion daily active user minutes X claimed in March. This discrepancy raises doubts about the accuracy and consistency of the platform's reporting. If the latest figures are indeed correct, it could indicate a concerning decline in user engagement over the past quarter, even as monthly active users grew.

The video view statistics shared by X also warrant closer examination. With a claimed 8 billion daily video views, X seems to have achieved an incredible feat, essentially doubling and then redoubling its video consumption every year since 2020. However, considering X reported 3.5 billion daily video views as recently as 2022, such a massive leap in just two years seems improbable, especially without a corresponding increase in daily active users.

It's possible that X's data reporting practices are contributing to these apparent inconsistencies. The platform has been known to combine post impression and video view counts, potentially skewing the data. Without more detailed information on average view times or other qualifying metrics, it's difficult to assess the true nature of X's video engagement.

Compounding the skepticism surrounding X's data is the platform's insistence on touting its position as the number one "News" app. Owner Elon Musk frequently makes this claim, asserting that X is competing with and surpassing mainstream news outlets.

However, this categorization is misleading, as X has been listed as a "News" app since 2016 when the former Twitter management made the switch to avoid unfavorable comparisons with other social media apps. In reality, X's reliance on user-generated content makes it ineligible for the "News" category on the Google Play store.

As X continues to court advertisers and strives to maintain its position in the fast-paced world of social media, the accuracy and transparency of its reported metrics will be crucial. Marketers and advertisers seeking to optimize their campaigns and reach their target audiences need reliable data to make informed decisions.

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