X Introduces ID Verification Requirement for Ad Revenue Share Program Participants

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has recently updated its ad revenue share program documentation, introducing a new requirement for all participants to submit a government-issued ID for verification. This change comes as a surprise to many users, particularly those who value their anonymity on the platform. The updated policy states that participants have until July to complete X's ID verification process, which involves taking a selfie and submitting a copy of a government ID for review.

Interestingly, the verification process will not be handled by X's internal team or an automated system. Instead, the company has outsourced the task to its third-party verification partner, Au10tix, which has been verifying X user profiles since September of the previous year. Au10tix's services were initially offered as an added bonus for X Premium subscribers who wanted an extra marker of authenticity for their profiles. However, the ID verification was not a mandatory requirement for participation in X's ad payouts until now.

The recent change in policy has raised questions about the potential reasons behind the decision. Some speculate that the move may be aimed at addressing issues related to far-right influencers and misinformation spreaders who have been earning significant amounts through the program. Others suggest that the target could be U.S.-sanctioned entities that may be receiving payments via the scheme. Additionally, the current system may be inadvertently paying spammers and bots based on engagement, which could be another factor driving the change.

Despite the potential benefits of the new ID verification requirement, some X users are likely to be displeased with the update. Many users on the platform are keen on maintaining their anonymity, and the prospect of providing a government ID may cause concern, particularly among the more conspiratorial elements of the user base. Furthermore, some users have expressed unease about Au10tix being an Israel-based company, fearing potential misuse of their personal data.

However, it is important to note that some form of ID confirmation for payments is a sensible measure, especially as X moves towards becoming a more comprehensive platform for financial transactions. The company is currently in the process of obtaining money transmitter licenses in the United States, with the eventual goal of transforming into an "everything app" that includes full payment and banking capabilities. As X progresses towards this objective, ID verification will likely become an even more significant requirement.

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