Why was the super fan badge launched by Facebook?

Why was the super fan badge launched by Facebook?

The Facebook community is growing every day and it is important for the American company to be able to distinguish the activity of each user as well as possible. Web entrepreneurs can take full advantage of these billion Internet users for their business, thanks to Facebook Ads.
The Facebook super fan badge was therefore created in this sense. Indeed, it allows you to easily identify who among the users are the most active. It will be interesting and even profitable for your business to stay connected with these super fans and to communicate effectively with them.

How to have a super fan badge on a Facebook page?

A user can be awarded the super fan badge by being one of the most active people on a page. To do this, he must interact frequently and regularly by leaving comments on the publications of the page by "liking" or watching the videos of the page.
To increase their chances of obtaining a Facebook super fan badge, the Internet user must therefore ensure that they are constantly active on a page. The stronger the interaction, the more likely he will be to earn the Facebook super fan badge.

How to use this badge in your marketing on Facebook?

On Facebook, it is possible to specifically target those who have super fan badges. So, you can interact and create messages designed specifically for them. Badge holders are the most active members of your community, so you can offer them personalized content on your page, such as a contest or a free trial of a new product. If users know that Super Fan badge holders get benefits, chances are they will be even more active in becoming Super Fans too. Since the super fan badge is a relatively new feature that Facebook has been working on for the past few months, posts aimed at them are likely to have greater reach and a higher engagement rate. However, if a post dedicated to those with super fan badges isn't having the buzz you expect, this will allow you to quickly rectify it. So you can test what works best before launching a publication on a larger than your page.

How to take advantage of the Facebook super fan badge.

The practical use of super fan badges on your page depends on the type of business you run and your marketing strategy.
Do you do e-commerce? So why not offer gifts to your most loyal badge-wearing fans? Everyone loves gifts and an engaged super badge fan on your page will no doubt share on social media that you sent them gifts. This mechanically increases your notoriety and will allow you to acquire new subscribers almost for free and therefore be able to assign new badges.