Why create an online persona?

Why create an online persona?

It is advisable to create your own online persona in order to optimize your future actions in marketing and digital communication. In fact, to maximize your conversions and your return on investment, you will need to precisely identify the targets you want to reach.
Thus, online personas represent your ideal target customers.
Follow the steps below to create your own effective online personas.

First and foremost, you should better absorb the information that your target makes available to you in order to best build your online persona. This can be done through:
A survey, thanks to a well-developed questionnaire aimed at identifying all the useful information about your target, their environment, and those around them,
Compilation and analysis of the data collected.
Several solutions are possible in the implementation of the online persona. In order not to lose sight of your objective, focus only on one approach! Thus, unnecessary dispersions will be avoided. Here are the steps to creating your online persona.

Step 1: Socio-professional knowledge of your online persona
Operational objective: search for answers to questions relating to the target's social life and profession. It is a question of developing the “curriculum vitae” of the target.
Definition of the target by its identity
This is to identify all the socio-demographic criteria of your target.
Here are a few:
-The gender (male/female) of the client.
-His/her age.
-His/her living environment (urban/countryside)
-His/her marital status and its derivatives (single/married/widowed/number of children) …
-Definition of the professional identity of the target
It is a question of knowing whether your target is professionally active. In this case, information on the position held, the responsibilities, the employer, and the sector of activity are useful. On the other hand, if he/she is unemployed, it is necessary to determine the duration and the reasons for this situation.
To create an effective online persona, it is necessary to explore other useful avenues, and relevant indications and likely to expand the general knowledge of the target!
The online persona alone must be representative of the target as a rule.

Step 2: Online Persona Problem Analysis
Operational objective: identification of the target's problems and provision of appropriate suggestions. This is to determine the core concerns of the target.
To market a product, it must be offered to the most qualified prospect possible. As a result, it is easier for the online persona to define the priority areas of the target, keeping in mind the data previously acquired on their social and professional life. It is only in this way that you will be able to make proposals likely to answer the problems of your target.
To promote your offer, focus on the original objective, which gave rise to your investigation!
The offer must be adapted to the problems of the target, and the demand must be anticipated thanks to innovative ideas. Obviously, to better respond to the concerns of your customers and prospects, you have to understand them.
The online persona is there to guide you in responding to the problems of your target.

Step 3: Adherence to the offer by the online persona
Operational objective: define the number of members for a given time.
You must be able to know if the product is well received by the target. In case of reluctance, a new investigation is possible. It can take the form of a poll or a multiple-choice questionnaire on a web page.
Once the survey is done, refer to the numbers or buy-in percentages to determine product reach! The shortcomings detected at this stage make it possible to make the necessary improvements.
Do not hesitate to do operational research on the offers of your competitors! Through this approach, you can bring added value to the products offered.

Step 4: Buying/selling tendency of the online persona
Operational objective: to know the attitude of the target towards the offer.
At this stage, it is important to know if your product is being sold well to your target. For example, for an objective set at 75%, an effective conversion rate greater than or equal to 75% means that the success of the product with the target is real.
If the conversion rate is low, refer to the responses of the target, obtained during the survey at the beginning of the program! This makes it possible to get an idea of ​​his reaction when the product is introduced. What was the feeling felt by the latter (enthusiasm, revolt, indifference…)? Significant improvements can be considered.

Step 5: Online persona identity sheet
Operational objective: presentation of results in a creative way
In this final step, you will put together the results obtained during your research.
The goal is to have an identity card of your online persona to identify your target very quickly.
This sheet must tell a story and be as precise as possible.