What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is the element that decides which videos are shown on a user's "For You" page, according to their preferences. It is the algorithm that determines the content likely to interest him.
This allows for a very personalized “For You” page. A priori, no user should be offered the same content. The algorithm becomes extremely specific by recommending videos belonging to niche domains. Thus, the more a user watches videos containing particular music, the more this type of media will be offered to him.
This also means that the type of video can change over time and the preferences, or the mood of its audience. TikTok's algorithm quickly adapts to changes in behavior and recommends content in line with the user's desires. If the videos with the music he previously enjoyed tire him and he quickly changes content when they appear, the algorithm will show him less and less of them on his “For You” page.

How does TikTok's algorithm work?

Social networks are generally reluctant to reveal the secrets of their algorithms. These are technologies that are specific to them and that make their platform unique, encouraging content creators to innovate and invest more and more to remain visible.
Faced with questions from the public, some social networks like Facebook or TikTok have shared (in outline) the key elements that influence their algorithms.
recommendation systems, that's what everything (or almost) is based on. We see them everywhere, on video streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch but also on e-commerce sites. These tools aim to offer a personalized experience to visitors. TikTok is no exception to the rule and makes recommendations, according to the preferences of its users, the cornerstone of its strategy.
This is based on a combination of the following factors.
User interactions
As we have seen in our article devoted to the operation of the Instagram algorithm, that of TikTok is based on the analysis of user interactions with the application. The content offered on the “For you” page is therefore determined according to:
The accounts followed.
Comments posted.
The content created.
Videos liked, shared, added to favorites.
Videos flagged or deemed uninteresting by the user.
The duration of watching a video.
Video information
To be able to offer personalized content to its users, TikTok will be interested in the information that accompanies the video such as:
The description.
Sound or music.
The effects.
The vision support.
Viewing media and account settings
These factors are less important than those mentioned in the two previous points but are essential for the proper functioning of the algorithm. They make it possible to offer users appropriate and effective content for their devices.
Language preference.
The country.
The type of device used.
The areas of interest chosen when creating the account.
‍According to the official TikTok website, these factors are analyzed by the algorithm and help to give a “value” to the videos, according to the profile of the user. The viewing time is for example a very strong key indicator, more important than the geographical location of the viewer and the creator. The videos are then presented in the “For you” feed according to the degree of affinity defined by the recommendation system.