What do we mean by native advertising?

If you regularly surf the Internet, you have probably already realized how intrusive advertisements can be. Indeed, when we are consulting a website, we do not necessarily want a page to suddenly open to show us content that does not necessarily interest us. Likewise, when you watch a video on YouTube, for example, isn't it annoying to see your video interspersed with advertisements?
This kind of ads is a marketing method like any other, but it is increasingly neglected because it is precisely too aggressive for users. So, how to use advertising wisely? Simply by opting for native advertising.

Native advertising, advertising, gently

Native advertising is a rather interesting marketing method. Similar to classic advertising, it is nonetheless “gentler”, and less aggressive.
Indeed, native advertising consists of integrating advertising for its products, its brand, or its shop, on a web page, in a newsletter, or on the results of search engines, but the display of this advertising is done naturally. You have certainly already seen this type of advertising, but it did not necessarily affect you because precisely, these advertisements are not at all aggressive or intrusive. You really don't see where this kind of ad is?
So go to a search engine and type in something. There, a list of results will be displayed. Now look at the very top of the page, some of the first results have a little word written like “ad” or “sponsored”. This is native advertising. These are advertisements that appear on a page in a truly natural way by integrating with the already existing content of this page.

Should you choose Native Advertising or classic advertising?

Most of the people who surf the internet and do research on it greatly prefer advertisements from native advertising to traditional advertisements in the form of banners or pages that pop up.
Similarly, some studies prove that users click more often on native advertising ads than on traditional ads. In other words, nowadays, native advertising is much more interesting, however, this practice requires much more work and is more complex to set up.
Anyway, if you want to carry out an effective marketing campaign today, it will be better to opt for native advertising for the simple reason that it is what appeals to users.
So don't wait any longer, if your store or your brand is struggling to get known, native advertising will certainly help you find new customers. But remember, for your advertising to be effective, it must be targeted.