Using Social Media For Customer Service Is a Must for Any Business

Using Social Media For Customer Service Is a Must for Any Business

Customers spend an average of 20-40% more with companies that respond to their queries and complaints on social media. And a recent study found that social media users expect a response to their questions within 30 minutes or less.

That's a big deal, especially since many consumers have grown up using social media as a source of customer service and expect a fast, efficient response from brands.

The good news is that social media customer service doesn't have to be difficult - in fact, it can often be the easiest and most engaging way to solve your customers' issues. And, because social media provides a direct line to your brand, it's the ideal place to provide real-time customer support.

To start, you'll need to understand your consumers' needs and expectations when it comes to social media customer service. This will help you provide a faster, more accurate service, and make your customers feel valued.

Listening to your customer conversations on social media is a great way to find out what your customers are asking for and identify product features that need attention. A listening tool can also help you uncover potential problems and opportunities, such as new ways to market your brand.

You can even use this data to create an effective social media strategy, so that you can meet your customer's needs and deliver a great experience on the platforms that they already enjoy.

Having clear guidelines for your customer service process on social media will help you ensure that you are delivering high quality customer care. These guidelines should include a timeline of how to handle social media inquiries, including what information is required to answer customer requests and how often you will reply to each one.

Your guidelines should also be easy for your agents to follow, and they should be consistent across all channels. This will build trust with your customers and encourage them to continue interacting with you on the platforms they love most.

Keep your responses brief, precise and friendly. When your response is too long, it can come off as unfriendly and can turn off your customer.

Remember to send a follow up message to your customer when they've received a reply, or that you're working on the issue. This will let them know you're on top of it and will save them the trouble of having to contact your business again in future.

Avoid wasting time on common inquiries and questions that are answered on other channels, by creating automated responses to these inquiries on your social media platforms. These responses can also be used to automatically direct conversations to the right representative, who will be able to handle them much faster.

Aim to respond in a timely manner, as this will increase your chances of converting a customer into a repeat or loyal customer. It's also an excellent way to boost your reputation on the social platforms that your audience is most active on, and can lead to more customers for the long term.