Turn your Instagram account into an online store

Turn your Instagram account into an online store

To be able to sell your products on Instagram, you must follow certain steps. Only companies marketing products allowed by the commercial policy of Facebook can sell via Instagram. To do this, you must therefore have your profile approved as a business profile. If you want to use the services of a marketing company, click here and benefit from the know-how of experienced professionals for the optimization of your Instagram account. Once your business profile has been approved, you will now configure your product catalog on Facebook. These are essentially products that you can highlight in your Instagram posts and stories. Then add a "shop" option on Facebook, install Pixel Facebook, and wait for synchronization. Your account will then be reviewed by Instagram which will approve it for purchases. From then on, you can activate the "shopping" functions and start tagging your products.

Bet on Instagram images

Instagram is a social network that favors photos. This is a factor that must be considered to sell your products. So, there's no need to talk about your products or the promotions you do in the comments. Potential buyers are unlikely to read them. If, on the other hand, you publish your offers in photos, or superimpose your promotions on a selection of products, all in one image, you will attract your customers more easily.
Don't underestimate your Instagram account bio either. This is an effective way to encourage buyers to act with a clickable link that redirects to your website or another useful destination for your business. Encourage your subscribers to visit your bio. You can modify it at any time, to announce new offers for example.

Label multiple products

To promote your products, you must make sure to get the best out of each of your posts. Associate several articles with each publication. The more articles there are, the more likely you are to have interested customers. It is then necessary to space out your tags to avoid confusion and optimize navigation.

By tagging several products at once, they can be displayed simultaneously on the same product page. It will then be enough for a potential buyer to click on a tagged article, and for all the others to appear after it. All the products you have labeled will therefore be more visible. This multiplies the possibilities of additional purchases and sales. Make sure, however, that your tags are associated with the correct products. There are other tricks that help sell on Instagram. Among other things, you can: use Swipe Up or "Updated" stories, promote your products with Instagram Ads, appeal to influencers, and create advertising.