TikTok Shops Continue to Grow Around the World

TikTok shops have expanded beyond Southeast Asia into new markets like the United Kingdom and United States. Since 2021, over 15 million sellers have joined TikTok shops across the globe. This evolving shopping experience aims to empower discovery through creators and favorite brands. Users can purchase products directly in the app from sellers they discover. TikTok seeks to define a new shopping culture rooted in discovery and community.

Safety and trust remain top priorities as shops expand. All sellers must provide documentation to verify their identity, business type, and eligibility. Applications undergo close scrutiny to comply with regulations. New merchants enter a probation period to learn platform rules gradually.

Policies govern both sellers and creators, and the community can report concerning content. These measures have prevented over 37 million non-compliant product listings and removed another 133,000 items post-listing. More than a million seller accounts and 500,000 creator shops faced deactivation for violations. TikTok hopes to build trust in its shopping tools over time with these strengthened review systems.

While shops see growth abroad, adoption lags in Western markets compared to Chinese counterparts. In China, livestreaming and in-feed commerce dominate mobile payments. TikTok aims to replicate this model worldwide but faces challenges.

Most brands likely watch the pending U.S. app sale closely before investing further. Even non-U.S. companies remain cautious given potential follow-on restrictions. The political situation could slow TikTok's shopping momentum for both merchants and users hesitant to provide payment information in an app facing uncertainty.

For those open to experimenting with TikTok shops, opportunities may exist. Creators and merchants can leverage the platform's massive engaged userbase. Livestreams and videos provide an intuitive way to showcase products.

Merchants gain free marketing through organic reach to interested followers. The smm panel allows tracking sales and shipping directly in the app. As political issues stabilize, TikTok hopes to grow the trust and scale needed for its shopping vision worldwide. But for now, most brands adopt a wait-and-see approach.

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