Tiktok Adds Pre-Recorded Audio Clips to Commercial Sound Library

TikTok is giving brands and businesses more options when it comes to creating engaging video ads on the platform. The popular social media app has added new audio clips from several popular TikTok creators to its commercial sound library. This library, known as "Sounds for Business", provides free audio samples that advertisers can use in their TikTok videos.

The audio clips were recorded by six well-known TikTok personalities including Anania, Matt Buechele, Devin Halbal, Good Children, Sani Sisters and Very Gay Paint. Having these recognizable voices provide the soundtrack for ads could help captivate audiences and give campaigns that extra spark. With over a billion active users, TikTok users have come to expect a certain style of creative and entertaining content. These new audio clips aim to help brands tap into that style for their promotional videos.

While the audio samples aren't customizable, they do provide advertisers with 18 pre-recorded voiceover options to choose from. Being able to easily add one of these clips to an ad could save businesses time compared to negotiating individual deals with creators.

It's an interesting way for TikTok to facilitate creator partnerships and support advertisers. Audio is known to be a major factor in users' enjoyment of the TikTok experience, with many indicating sounds prompt them to engage with videos. With these new additions, brands have more tools to leverage audio strategically.

Of course, this comes at a time when TikTok is facing challenges related to music licensing. The platform's ongoing dispute with Universal Music saw the music giant pull its entire catalog. This is a problem considering many top artists are signed to Universal. However, these new audio clips focus specifically on in-app generated content rather than licensed music. They aim to enhance promotional videos without relying on tracks from major labels.

For brands of all sizes, these free voice clips could be a simple way to add personality and professional quality to video ads. The SMM panel at Great SMM often discusses the importance of using high-quality, on-trend audio for campaigns. Whether it's including popular songs or using these new influencer clips, sound plays a big role in capturing attention on TikTok. Videos with well-implemented audio tend to perform better and resonate more with target audiences.

While the pre-recorded clips don't offer full customization, they provide useful off-the-shelf options for time-strapped businesses. Being able to drop one of these audio samples into an ad means marketers don't have to start from scratch.

They can focus on other creative elements like visuals, hashtags and captions. For many smaller companies, this new commercial sound library from TikTok will be an accessible way to spice up promotional videos without a huge time investment. It aims to lower barriers for all brands wanting to engage TikTok users through video ads.

TikTok's addition of influencer-recorded audio clips gives advertisers more tools to create engaging, professional-quality content. Whether using the clips directly or drawing inspiration from them, the library expands options for leveraging sound - a major driver of engagement on the platform. For the latest tips on effective TikTok marketing, be sure to check out the SMM panel discussions at Great SMM. We provide top-quality social media services to help businesses succeed online.