Threads Reveals New Usage Data

Threads, Meta's Twitter competitor, is celebrating its first anniversary by releasing new features and sharing insights into how its 175 million monthly active users are engaging with the app.

To mark the occasion, Threads has added some festive flair, like party hats on profile pictures and confetti effects when posting with the "One Year of Threads" hashtag. These celebratory elements will be available for the next few days, allowing Threads' dedicated user base to get in on the birthday fun.

But it's not all party hats and confetti. Threads also partnered with Wakefield Research to survey 2,000 U.S. users and uncover how people are really using the app. The results highlight some key trends and differentiators for the young social platform.

Notably, 60% of respondents said connecting with others is the most important part of social media for them. This suggests Threads is carving out a niche focused on social interaction and community, contrasting with the entertainment and short-form video focus seen on many other platforms. The popularity of Threads' Topic Tags feature, with over 50 million created so far, also points to users' interest in finding and engaging with like-minded communities.

The survey revealed some generational differences as well. Two-thirds of Gen Z users are eager for entertainment news on Threads, with music, food, and fashion being hot topics. Voice notes are loved by over 60% of Gen Z and Millennial users, while many older users are unfamiliar with the feature. Brands targeting these demographics should consider experimenting with voice note content on Threads.

Interestingly, despite the visual focus on most social platforms, 63% of Threads posts are text-only at this stage. While images and video dominate elsewhere, Threads users seem comfortable expressing themselves without visuals, similar to text-heavy Twitter.

Threads is also becoming a hub for niche communities and fandoms. Taylor Swift fans, for example, have rallied around the "TTPD" Topic Tag (referencing Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department" album) to connect and discuss all things Taylor.

As Threads enters its second year, the platform seems well-positioned to compete with Twitter (now X) in the real-time social media space. With a quickly growing user base and a focus on community and conversation, Threads is proving there's still room for a text-centric social app.

For businesses and creators looking to expand their reach and engage their audiences, Threads presents an exciting opportunity. Leveraging relevant Topic Tags, experimenting with different content formats like voice notes, and tapping into niche communities could be key to success on the platform.

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