There are 2 main ways to monetize your account:

Obtain special operations with brands (For example, a cosmetic brand sends you a beauty cream and offers to pay you for a sponsored post). This is what communication agencies offer, which integrate Instagrammers as a communication lever.
Use a platform that offers suitable product placement campaigns for social networks.

How to find a brand for Instagram partnerships?

A watchword: it is not up to you to go to the brands. They receive hundreds of collaborations. Better to work in your community and it's the brands that will find you. Now some tips:

Tip 1: go to influencer marketing platforms
Just register for free on one of these platforms, … There are dozens of them. But the important thing is to go back frequently (once a week) and apply regularly to the campaigns. And when you apply, stick to the briefs and be professional. These platforms rate your services and if you are poorly rated, you will no longer be chosen by other brands.

Tip 2: work on your editorial line
It is important that brands know that you are an expert (in literature, beauty, sport, etc.). For this, put the right hashtags. Thus, the platform crawlers will be able to categorize you in the right themes and you will be more visible to have your posts sponsored.

Tip 3: do not hesitate to mention the brands that you like
In your posts or comments, mention the brands. You will then also be more visible to the brand itself but also to its competitors.
These tips are easy to implement. They leave you time to focus on the most important thing: your community and your content. The rest will follow!
And now, as an Instagram user, you now know how to make money on Instagram. But above all, keep the first principle in mind: do it by providing real service and really good deals to your community. And so don't post just anything... otherwise, you'll become just anybody!

Why do an Instagram partnership?

If all influence marketing platforms are efficient for influence marketing, Instagram is incomparable in terms of the number of users (159.75 million per month in the USA in 2022) and engagement. Indeed, 75% of partnerships on social networks take place on Instagram, an edifying figure! With an excellent interaction rate and a very active community, Instagram is a very engaging platform. The partnership of micro-influencers (-100k subscribers) and nano-influencers (-10k subscribers) are particularly in demand and effective. Their community tends to be more trusting and feel closer to them. The message seems to them to come from a good friend, and not from an influencer. The users of the network are therefore generally favorable to partnerships and therefore pay attention to them, unlike other platforms where these go unnoticed or are ignored by the communities.
Instagram campaigns, therefore, allow both to make a profit and sell goods or services, but also to gain visibility and extend its reach on the platform.