Snapchat Unveils Enhanced Parental Control Features

Snapchat Unveils Enhanced Parental Control Features

Snapchat is improving its parental control and supervision tools in big ways, making the app safer for teens who use it. The platform is updating its Family Center tool to include a more complete list of safety and private settings. This will make it easier for parents to control how much their child is exposed to content in the app. This update makes the layout easier for parents to use, which makes it easier to find your way around and change settings.

One of the most important changes is that parents can now choose not to let their kids use Snapchat's "My AI" creative AI chatbot tool. This choice was made after people said they thought the chatbot was giving wrong advice about things like covering up the smell of marijuana and alcohol and giving help on sexual relationships. Snapchat has been trying to improve My AI so that it doesn't respond in this way, but the opt-out choice gives parents even more peace of mind.

Over the past two years, Snapchat has been actively adding more ways for parents to keep an eye on their kids and control what they do. This is especially important because the app disappears quickly, which has made it a popular place for teens to share more racy and controversial content. One problem is that this has led to things like revenge porn, abuse, and even the use of the app to plan illegal things like drug sales.

These changes made by Snapchat are an effort to ease parents' worries and make the internet a better place for kids. By making these tools easier to find and use, Snapchat is not only solving safety concerns, but it may also be able to get more parents to trust it, which could lead to more people joining.

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