Snapchat Features

Snapchat offers a whole bunch of features and setting options and allows you to create different types of posts. Here are, to start, the different types of content that can be published on Snapchat:
Pictures: First, Snapchat allows you to share images. The images are typically sent immediately after being taken and modified. But it is also possible to load images from your gallery. Images should be captured in portrait format.
Videos: You can share videos under 10 seconds. Like images, videos can also be modified. Snaps: Snaps can be either images or videos. They are sent in a private setting to specific recipients. The snap will vanish after being seen by its recipient.
 Stories: Stories are images or videos that can be shared by users with their followers or even with everyone if they wish. It is an ideal format for sharing content in bulk.
5 tips for successful Snapchat marketing
Let’s finish with 5 tips on best practices to implement for successful marketing on Snapchat, boost engagement, your sales, and the number of followers:

Create a state of emergency.

Creating a sense of urgency is a very effective technique for getting your users to take the actions you expect them to take in your campaigns. This is not specific to Snapchat either. This technique is valid in marketing in general. The difference is that Snapchat is by design a social network that facilitates the creation of this sense of urgency (by the limited viewing time of content). Capitalize on this.

Test your content in private messages.

 Testing is a technique widely used in marketing to optimize performance. On Snapchat, you can test your campaigns, and your messages by sending them to a small group of followers in private messages. This will allow you to measure the engagement your posts are getting before sharing them with everyone in your Stories.

 Adapt your content to the platform.

Content shared on Snapchat – especially photos – is very different from content shared on Facebook or Instagram. On Snapchat, the photos are not embellished, not "filtered", not retouched: they are taken directly from the smartphone, edited in a "fun" spirit, and shared. You should seek to present your brand and express your personality without trying to achieve the perfection of "photoshopped" photos.
Use photos and videos.
 To create engagement from your users, we advise you to share both photos and videos with them, not to stick to a single format. Images are easy to edit and quick to view, while videos add a dynamic and lively aspect.

Tell a story.

You can send several photos at the same time, which are automatically linked one after the other. Take advantage of this specificity of Snapchat to tell stories to your users. You can also tell a story in your stories, to create engagement and interest from your users while remedying the posting time limit imposed by Snapchat.