Post bad: Definition and origin of this term

Post bad: Definition and origin of this term

By " Post Bad " we mean a person, more precisely a girl or a woman originally, sharing photos of herself on social networks many times during the day. This expression is born in particular with the expansion of the Instagram social network, on which many women and young girls share photos of themselves, most often carefully retouched.
Before taking the pictures and sharing them, the person highlights herself by taking care of her hairstyle and wearing ultra-sophisticated makeup in order to attract attention. She also does not forget to put on a provocative outfit and take her photos in daring poses by highlighting her sensual curves to the delight of her spectators. In addition to makeup, hairstyle, outfit, and pose, a post bad also pays enormous attention to the smallest details by taking care of the environment around where she takes pictures.
The ultimate goal of Post Bad is then to show oneself "perfectly aesthetic" on one's Instagram photos (and other social networks like Facebook). This is why the publication of these seductive photos on social networks generates a large number of subscribers. Therefore, Post Bad is becoming a popular digital marketing tool.

The Post Bad, a practice that has the wind in its sails on social networks

Originally, the Post Bad or Tumblr girl only referred to a woman (young or adult) like Kylie Jenner posing in a photo with a pretty face made up, big well-arched eyebrows, full lips, and a perfect body.
But the meaning of the term Post Bad has evolved over time. Today, according to its definition by extension, Post Bad refers to different types of users other than girls and women. We then find photos of men, couples, and even products in " Post Bad " mode wearing perfection, on social networks, mainly Instagram.

The highly acclaimed Post Bad in the field of marketing

Thanks to the reputation and performance of Bad Posts, they have become truly effective digital marketing media. They are particularly appreciated by web influencers since this practice can generate a large number of subscribers.

Bad posts can also be used to:

Improve brand image: Post Bad has become an effective way to convey messages and promote brands.
Improve the notoriety of a company: any company wishing to improve its e-reputation can use Post Bad to gain notoriety.
Advertise: Just like the provocative photos of people on Instagram, web influencers can launch or promote products or even services by posting flirtatious photos of them from their accounts or pages.
Improve your own reputation: for social network users (including Instagrammers) wishing to become influencers or develop their business on the web, publishing photos in "bad posts" mode on a regular basis can help them achieve their goals.