Meta Tests Creator Bonuses on Threads to Stimulate More Growth

Meta is looking to stimulate more growth for its Threads app with a new program that provides bonuses to prolific content creators. The company is currently trialing an initiative called the Threads Bonus program which aims to incentivize top creators on the platform by offering them cash payments based on the performance of their posts. Creators who share engaging content that garners at least 2,500 eligible views per post can qualify for payouts under the program.

The goal is to encourage more frequent and higher quality posting from those who already produce popular threads. A similar strategy was effective in helping Instagram expand its Reels feature early on.

Only a limited number of Threads creators have been invited to participate in the initial test of the bonus program so far. Those selected will receive a notification about eligibility through the professional dashboard within the Instagram app. Set up involves connecting a public Threads profile that can be measured for views and engagement.

While exact payout structures may vary between participants, the basic idea is to reward prolific creators that are driving valuable conversations through their threads. This aims to better align top talent to continually share new discussions on the platform. Such an incentive system could prove useful for Threads, which some analysts think has lost momentum lately in attracting new users and competing with rival platforms.

Threads reached an impressive 100 million monthly users just 3 months after launch but growth has slowed in the months since. While the app has expanded to more regions like Europe, its user base has only grown by around 25 million over the past 9 months. This is a far cry from Meta's ultimate goal of Threads becoming their next billion-user flagship product and a true alternative to Twitter. However, Threads has faced challenges living up to such lofty expectations.

The app's approach has deviated from replicating a pure Twitter experience by avoiding political discussions and certain news topics. While aiming to make Threads a more positive space, this strategy has failed to entice dedicated Twitter communities to migrate over.

The SMM panel also personalizes thread recommendations partly based on linked Instagram profiles, which some find less intuitive than Twitter's open platform. These factors may be hindering Threads from becoming a true Twitter replacement for all users.

With the creator bonus program, Meta hopes to light a fire under Threads once more by stimulating more new posts from popular accounts. Only time will tell if the financial incentives can reinvigorate user and thread growth. Meta is clearly exploring different tactics as it continues visionsing Threads as a billion-user behemoth. Whether that goal remains realistic long term is uncertain, but initiatives like bonus payments indicate Meta's persistence in developing Threads as a flagship platform.

For those looking to join vibrant discussions on the latest topics, Threads provides an engaging alternative to Twitter. The SMM panel makes it easy to follow accounts you connect with on Instagram as well. As Threads trials new programs to boost creator output, you can expect the quality of discussions to rise across the platform.

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