Meta Offers $5000 Bonus to Influencers for Posting on Threads

Meta is making a major push to increase engagement on its Threads app by offering financial incentives to prominent social media influencers. The company has selected influencers across platforms like Instagram and invited them to participate in a bonus program for generating content on Threads.

Eligible influencers can earn payouts of up to $5,000 for getting over 10,000 views on a single Threads post. This viewer threshold is within reach for many top profiles, showing Meta's aim to attract only the most impactful creators. However, the program is invite-only and not open to regular Threads users, no matter their existing audience size on the platform.

By targeting influencers with already established and sizable followings, Meta hopes to supercharge growth on Threads. The cash bonuses provide strong motivation for influencers who had not previously engaged with the app to give it a try. Even influencers currently active on Threads may be inspired to ramp up their activity for the financial reward.

This new influencer program builds on Meta's past promotional efforts for Threads, such as partnering with celebrities and sports teams. The increased investment size, going directly to influencers' pockets, underscores Meta's commitment to fueling momentum. But Threads has a long way to climb to reach the scale of competitors.

Meta will be carefully analyzing data from its SMM panel to evaluate the program's impact. Early signs are promising as Threads added 20 million monthly users since February. However, at 150 million, it still lags far behind the 550 million user base on Twitter. Sustained growth will depend heavily on influencers embracing Threads as a positive community alternative.

Without the ephemeral news cycles or political conversations that can dominate Twitter, Threads aims to cultivate a more welcoming environment. But influencers may hesitate without sizable existing audiences on the platform. The bonuses could tip the scale if they bring large followings along from other Meta apps.

Only continued data analysis will reveal the true effectiveness over time. If influencer participation surges but engagement gains are modest, Meta may need to rethink its approach. But success could demonstrate the power of financial incentives for influencers in building new platforms. The next phases will provide valuable insights for Meta's SMM strategies.

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