Meta Expands Threads' Fediverse Sharing to Over 100 Countries

Meta has announced a significant expansion of its fediverse sharing experiment, with Threads users in over 100 regions now able to cross-post between Threads and other decentralized social platforms that utilize ActivityPub protocols. This move allows more Threads users to display their content in other decentralized social apps and tools, such as Mastodon and WordPress. Users of these services will be able to follow, like, and reply to Threads posts without having to do so directly through the Threads app, providing additional opportunities for reach and engagement.

The fediverse sharing feature was initially made available to users in the U.S., Canada, and Japan in March, and Meta is now extending this option to a much larger user base. To participate, users aged 18 and above with public Threads profiles in the eligible countries can turn on sharing to the fediverse. Once enabled, people on other fediverse servers will be able to search for and follow Threads profiles, view and interact with content, and share posts with anyone on or off their server.

Alongside the expansion, Meta has also made improvements to its fediverse engagement options. Threads will now display replies to user posts from federated servers, although the ability to reply to these comments is not yet available.

Users will, however, be able to like these replies. Meta is still working on full integration to enable broader interactivity across platforms. It is important to note that there are some functional limitations based on what is supported within ActivityPub, meaning that posts with restricted replies, polls, re-posts of non-federated posts, and quote posts are not available for fediverse amplification.

Meta has also cautioned users that sharing to the fediverse may impact their privacy and control over their information. Despite this, the fediverse sharing push by Meta aims to link Threads into the broader decentralized social movement, which ultimately gives users more control over their data, the algorithms applied to their experience, and the moderation rules of each social app they use.

While the concept of decentralized social media holds appeal, it remains to be seen whether the majority of social media users are genuinely concerned about these issues to the extent that it will lead to a wider shift in user behavior. Convincing enough users to make the switch to alternative social apps is becoming increasingly challenging, as people tend to gravitate towards platforms with the largest user base to avoid missing out on experiences.

Questions have also been raised about censorship within fediverse clusters and exclusionary approaches from moderators in some groups. Additionally, many fediverse admins are reluctant to welcome Meta's participation in the project, as companies like Meta are seen as the reason behind the broader fediverse shift in the first place, due to their practices of profiting from user data and making moderation decisions as they see fit.

Despite these concerns, Meta's apps continue to dominate the download charts, with four of the top 10 most downloaded apps in Q1 belonging to the company. This suggests that while there may be growing interest in the fediverse, it has not yet translated into a significant shift in user behavior.

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