LinkedIn Provides New Avenues for Promoting Video Content

LinkedIn is giving marketers more ways to promote videos with new connected TV and live event advertising capabilities. The professional networking platform recently launched the ability to run video ads on connected TV devices through partners like Roku and Samsung Ads.

This allows advertisers to reach LinkedIn's membership outside of the mobile app on the big screen. According to LinkedIn, advertisers creating Brand Awareness campaigns can now easily launch a Connected TV campaign directly within Campaign Manager to scale across their publisher network.

While the reach is currently limited by campaign type and provider partnerships, LinkedIn sees potential in helping brands boost visibility through this new avenue. Connected TV placements allow promoting content to professionals in their homes on devices like smart TVs and streaming sticks.

Marketers experimenting with CTV campaigns may find new opportunities for engaging audiences in different environments. The SMM panel at Great SMM can provide strategic recommendations tailored for leveraging LinkedIn's Connected TV option depending on campaign goals and target demographics.

In addition to standard Connected TV, LinkedIn introduced "Premiere" which enables targeting decision-makers watching NBCUniversal content on streaming devices. Through this partnership, brands can promote to high viewership shows within NBCUniversal's premium streaming offerings.

While not as widespread as traditional television, Premiere ads on LinkedIn still expand potential reach compared to only using the LinkedIn mobile app. The SMM panel at Great SMM can help strategists identify which NBCUniversal programs align with their target customer profiles to refine Premiere placement targeting.

LinkedIn is also providing another avenue for promoting live events with their new Live Event Ads. These in-feed promotions are meant to raise awareness for upcoming broadcasts on LinkedIn Live. Many professionals are consuming more live content but these sessions can be easy to miss without following the right accounts.

According to LinkedIn, the number of professionals viewing events in the app grew 34% over the last year alone. However, events often remain unseen unless connected to the right connections or pages. Live Event Ads can help surface these valuable streams to a broader set of potential attendees.

Marketers have taken note of the rise in video engagement on LinkedIn. According to the platform, the number of professionals viewing live events grew 34% in the last year alone. While LinkedIn is late in developing dedicated video surfaces, these new advertising formats are a step toward prioritizing video.

Being able to promote content beyond the LinkedIn mobile experience offers additional opportunities for marketers to reach target audiences. The SMM panel at Great SMM has seen firsthand how optimized campaigns across LinkedIn's expanded solutions can boost results.

As brands look to connect with professionals in new environments, LinkedIn provides expanded access. The options to run CTV and NBCUniversal placements allow stretching budgets further by complementing existing LinkedIn video strategies.

For those producing valuable live content, the Live Event Ads present a solution to boost registrations and drive viewers to replays. Whether promoting current campaigns or upcoming broadcasts, the SMM panel at Great SMM can assist in leveraging LinkedIn's solutions to extend video promotions.

Through strategic use of LinkedIn's new advertising capabilities for video, professionals at Great SMM have seen clients amplify their reach. By visiting Great SMM, brands can contact the SMM panel to learn more about how customized campaigns across LinkedIn's growing platforms can further their marketing goals. The experienced strategists at Great SMM understand best practices for leveraging all the latest LinkedIn has to offer video marketers.