Instagram's tips for successful Reels

6 tips for Instagram brands to create Reels
For several months, the Meta company has been working to improve Instagram's video format, the Reels, which is now also available on Facebook. Via a blog post, published yesterday, on the Facebook Business site, Meta wanted to share some tips for brands to create attractive Reels.
The tips are as follows:

Keep in mind the objectives of the brand: if the main objective is the notoriety of the brand, it will be necessary to highlight it, its values, and its universe, from the first seconds of a Reels. If you're aiming for conversions, present a product or service in a tangible way instead. The narration must remain short and impactful.

Bet on original transitions: Instagram recommends getting creative with various transitions available for your Reels. The goal is to entertain your subscribers and display the brand's features. It is also important to bet on creative features such as augmented reality effects, personalized sound, etc.

Make rhythmic videos: this is about synchronizing music and narration. Indeed, the sound is a real asset to capture and hold the attention of the public. In addition, using tools such as automatic captions will be particularly effective in capturing your subscribers.

Stay on top of trends: It's important to stay informed of the latest Reels trends, whether it's added effects, hot sounds, or popular challenges. Instagram recommends creating and encouraging your followers to remix your branded Reels. Bet on relevant hashtags to optimize the visibility of your content.

Launch collaborations: collaborating with creators to feed the storytelling of your brand remains a major asset. Partnering with relevant influencers in your sector is a vector of commitment, authenticity, and notoriety.

Prioritize authenticity: the Reels you create must be faithful and reflect the values ​​of your brand as much as possible.

Reels set to become Instagram's flagship format

The highlighting of Reels by Instagram is part of the platform's strategy to promote video content in order to compete with TikTok. The social network thus intends to offer a full-screen news feed, on the model of its Chinese competitor, where a photo and video posts would mix.
According to the latest rumors, Instagram could soon make videos posted on its platform automatically become Reels, with all the tools made available to edit and energize this content.