Instagram's New Commenting Options for Carousels

Instagram has been testing a new way for users to comment on specific images within carousel posts. Carousels allow users to share multiple photos or videos as one post, and they've become an increasingly popular format on the platform. However, commenting on carousels has not always been very clear. The new option aims to make commenting on individual frames more straightforward.

Now some users have the ability to link their comments to a particular image by including the image number preceded by an "@" symbol. For example, to comment specifically on the second photo in a carousel, a user would write "@2" followed by their comment. This attaches the comment to that second photo, and a thumbnail of the image is displayed next to the text.

Being able to comment on each frame separately could drive more targeted and nuanced engagement with carousel posts. Rather than broad reactions to the whole series, users may feel inclined to provide focused feedback on their favorite or least favorite images. Creators and brands may gain valuable insight into which visuals are resonating most with their audience when comments can be attributed to a single photo or video.

With carousels, Instagram is clearly trying to encourage more in-depth personal sharing and storytelling through a feed update. But commenting was not as intuitive as it could be when applied to a group of multiple assets. This update aims to simplify the process so users can engage with each part of a carousel story individually.

The new option is still in testing phases, so it's only visible to a small subset of Instagram users so far. But based on early feedback, it seems to be achieving Instagram's goal of clarifying interactions around lengthy carousel posts. If rolled out more broadly, it could lead to increased engagement by facilitating more targeted conversations in the comments section.

Being able to converse about distinct parts of a carousel may also help build community around shared interests or experiences represented in the individual frames. When users can directly acknowledge specific moments or aspects that resonate with them through image-linked comments, it fosters a sense of connection.

For influencers and brands, understanding which images are most compelling through metrics like comment count and sentiment may provide valuable insights. They can gain a better sense of what resonates with their audience when comments can be attributed to a single asset. This level of analytics could help inform future content strategies.

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With some additional testing and refinement, Instagram's new commenting functionality for carousels has the potential to facilitate richer conversations and foster stronger engagement between creators and their communities. As the platform continues prioritizing features that enable more detailed personal sharing, updates like this will be important for evolving the Instagram experience.