Instagram Expands Story Engagement With New Stickers

Instagram has released four new interactive stickers aimed at boosting engagement within Stories. The photo-sharing platform is looking to provide more creative tools and lean into content trends to maintain in-stream interactions as more activity moves to private messaging.

The new stickers each offer unique ways for users to interact with Stories. The "Add Yours Music" sticker allows viewers to respond to a Story by adding a song. Tapping into the significance of music engagement especially among younger audiences, this plays to emerging social media trends. It builds upon the existing "Add Yours" sticker format but focuses specifically on musical contributions.

The "Frames" sticker transforms photos into nostalgic Polaroid-style frames that only become visible when the viewer shakes their phone. This replicates the teased effect that Instagram debuted for their Coachella marketing integration last month.

It adds an element of surprise that could entice more engagement. The "Reveal" sticker functions similarly by obscuring images until the viewer sends the creator a direct message. This provides both an interactive layer and transparency into who is viewing Stories while potentially opening new lines of one-on-one communication.

The "Cutouts" tool expands the ability to extract elements from photos and reuse them in novel compositions. While some users have had access to this option already, it is now globally available to all Instagram account holders. This empowers visual storytellers to get more creative with how they assemble and present content within the platform.

By introducing these new interactive sticker formats, Instagram aims to keep users engaged within the in-stream Stories space as messaging platforms continue growing in popularity for private sharing.

The tools don't radically transform the creative process but instead offer subtle ways for connections to form through responsive musical contributions, obscured revelations, and augmented photo play. Content creators can experiment with leveraging these stickers and gauging which might best fit with their brand's messaging to spark new interactions.

For any individual or business operating a social media marketing panel, consistent storytelling across platforms like Instagram remains a vital practice. While the new stickers provide intriguing ways to facilitate engagement, the most important factor is developing a unique voice and sharing quality, relatable content.

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