Influencers Shun Biden After Follower Backlash

Social media influencers who previously backed President Biden are now losing thousands of followers due to growing backlash over his policies and attacks on Donald Trump. Many of these influencers say their followers are vowing not to vote for Biden in the upcoming election.

Jae Gurley, a 24-year-old black transgender fashion creator with over 1.7 million TikTok followers, expressed frustration with the Biden campaign's negative messaging in an interview with the Washington Post. "You don't need to tell me how bad Trump is. I know that, you don't think I know that?" Gurley said. "You need to tell me how great you are, so I can go and convince other people to, because people my age do not want to vote for you."

This anti-Biden sentiment among younger voters poses a significant challenge for the president's re-election campaign, which has already been rocked by his poor debate performance and concerns about his cognitive fitness and stamina. Even before the debate, Gurley and other influential social media creators were invited by Biden's granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, to a roundtable discussion in Manhattan on March 28 to strategize on reaching Gen Z voters.

However, the meeting reportedly turned tense as some influencers criticized Biden for signing a law potentially banning TikTok in the US and his support for Israel's military actions against Hamas in Gaza. Gurley, who had initially posted a "get ready with me" video to build excitement for the event, later declined to make a post-event recap due to fear of backlash, particularly over the Israel-Gaza issue.

Other high-profile influencers in attendance, such as Olivia Ponton (22), Deja Foxx (24), and Chloe Lukasiak (23), also faced negative reactions from their followers for their association with Biden. Lukasiak, who has over 8 million Instagram followers and 4 million on TikTok, even deleted a photo she had posted with Finnegan Biden at the event after being inundated with critical comments.

Despite the outcry, Lukasiak said she still plans to vote for Biden, acknowledging that support for a candidate doesn't mean agreeing with every policy or action. She hopes to empower her audience to care about politics, even if it draws some hate.

Jeremy Jacobowitz, a 37-year-old Manhattan-based food influencer, reported losing thousands of followers due to his pro-Biden content. One commenter called Biden "a walking corpse being controlled by squirrels." Jacobowitz, however, remains undeterred, stating, "If all I ever do is tell people where to eat a cheeseburger, I think it's a complete waste."

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However, it's important to note that relying solely on an SMM panel to address follower loss may not be a sustainable long-term solution. Influencers must also focus on creating authentic, engaging content that resonates with their target audience while navigating the complex landscape of politics and social media.

As the 2024 election approaches, it remains to be seen how the Biden campaign will adapt its strategy to win back the support of younger voters and influential social media creators. The president's team must find ways to effectively communicate his achievements and vision for the future while addressing the concerns and criticisms raised by his once-loyal online supporters.

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