Indirect advertising

Indirect advertising

Users are not prejudiced about the advertisements that appear on their Facebook newsfeeds since it is known as a social network, unlike the advertisements that are displayed in an annoying and intrusive way on other mediums or platforms.
Facebook advertising is discreet. The impression that our advertising gives can be confused with any other social post that other users share.

A responsive design display

Your ads all adapt to different screens. The display is optimized whether on a laptop, a Mac, a tablet, or a Smartphone. Your users or target customers can access the same information regardless of the device they use to log in. Facebook allows us to keep our browsing journey as consumers even if we change devices.

The number of target audiences

 In July 2022, Facebook grew to 2.932 billion users. Of these, 1.968 billion users are active on mobile per month. This tells us that more than a quarter of the world's population is connected to Facebook.
All of this can be seen in our ads through our targeting. Women use Facebook more than men do; the majority are between 25 and 34 years old.

Facebook has a huge database of your target customers.

With the information that this social network offers you, you can adjust your advertising campaigns to the nearest millimeter, so to speak. Besides the amount of data it holds, Facebook mainly focuses on quality. It is for this reason that its algorithm is always updated. The task is at least easy because it is the user himself who completes his information, the social network only collects data. And moreover, the motivation of the users is at least social at the very beginning, which implies the authenticity of the information provided. A database of preferences, tastes, lifestyles, and more remains at your disposal when you choose to advertise on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook ads is cheaper than on other professional social networks. And the impact is greater since the audience is large. The information available on this social network allows you to set specific targets. You can be sure not to invest in the risk of not having bad feedback. However, you must be familiar with the settings of your advertising campaigns. The supports and the guides that it puts at your disposal are detailed, you just need a little time to dedicate yourself to them. Otherwise, trusting an agency specializing in Social Media Management remains a major asset for entrepreneurs or companies wishing to optimize their impact on their communities and their fans.