How to Create a Youtube Short on PC

How to Create a Youtube Short on PC

Short YouTube videos are a great way to show off your creativity and gain more followers on the platform. It's not surprising that YouTube has jumped on board with its Shorts feature given the appeal of short-form video content. We'll look at how to make YouTube videos on a PC in this tutorial.

You must log into your YouTube account in order to produce YouTube shorts. You must first create an account if you don't already have one. Go to the YouTube home page once you've signed in.

You should see a camera symbol on the YouTube main page with the phrase "Create" next to it. To activate the YouTube Shorts camera, click this symbol.

While the Shorts camera is open, you may begin filming your video. You can either tap or hold down the record button to take a picture or a movie. The maximum time for a YouTube short is 60 seconds, so bear this in mind when creating your video. Use the camera's built-in features, such as timers and filters, to enhance the appeal of your video.

Using the tools included with the Shorts camera, you can edit your video after you've completed recording it. The video's beginning and end can be cropped, the speed can be changed, and music may be added. Make sure to use a catchy and relevant song to increase the attraction of your video to visitors.

The title and description of your video can be added after you are satisfied with it. This will make it easier for viewers to comprehend what your film is about and improve the likelihood that it will be found by new viewers. To increase the visibility of your movie, utilize relevant keywords in the title and description.

You can upload your video to YouTube after giving it a title and description. After uploading your video, make sure to choose "Shorts" to guarantee that it is recognized as a YouTube Short.

It's time to market your video after you've uploaded it. To reach a larger audience, post your video on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. To increase the visibility of your video, you may also use the built-in promotion options on YouTube.

It's easy to make YouTube shorts on a PC, and doing so can increase your platform viewership. You may produce interesting and appealing short-form video material that is sure to draw in new viewers by following the instructions provided in this article.

To increase your video's visibility on the platform, don't forget to utilize relevant keywords, create an engaging title and description, and promote it. You'll be well on your way to producing profitable YouTube shorts on your Computer if you keep these suggestions in mind.