How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name

If you want to change your YouTube channel name, you will need to sign into your account and visit settings. If you are logged in, click your profile picture and then select "Edit on Google." Under the first and last name section, click the pencil icon to change your channel name. If your channel has been verified, you will need to re-apply to get a new verification badge.

A good starting point for a YouTube channel name is a nickname or a hobby that you have. If you've become a YouTube sensation for your favorite hobby, you can change your name to reflect that. Another great option is a pet name. For example, Jenna Marbles got her channel name from her dog, Marbles. But whatever you decide, make sure it's unique and easily recognizable.

If you want to change your YouTube channel name without changing your Google account name, you can do so via the desktop version of the YouTube app. You can also change the name and profile picture in the mobile app. The same steps are followed for desktop. If you want to change your name on your mobile device, you can do it directly from the YouTube mobile app.

After logging in, go to the settings page of your YouTube account. Click on the "Basic Info" tab, which is the third tab on the page. Tap the pencil icon next to your channel name. Now you'll need to type the new channel name. When you're done, make sure to check it to make sure it's correct.

Changing your YouTube channel name has several benefits. First, it lets you connect with your viewers through your name. Once you've created your channel, you'll be able to change it on other Google services, including Gmail. This means that your audience will see the name you choose without having to create another Gmail ID.

If you decide to change your channel name, make sure to use a compelling one. This will help increase your chances of getting new subscribers and viewers. Remember, the name of your channel is a direct reflection of your brand and what it offers. You can change the name up to three times every ninety days using the tool.

Your profile picture is another way to attract viewers. Make sure to choose a clear, professional-looking profile photo. A blurry profile picture will make your channel look amateur. By choosing the right name for your channel, you can increase your chances of achieving success on YouTube. It can also increase your chances of getting more subscribers by showing your videos to the right audience.