How Do You Filter YouTube Videos By The Exact Length?

How Do You Filter YouTube Videos By The Exact Length?

YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing network, has a vast library of content ranging from brief clips to lengthy documentaries. When you're in a particular mood or have a given amount of time on your hands, you might want to view a movie of a certain duration. Filtering movies by their precise length may be quite handy, whether you're searching for a fast laugh or an in-depth study. Here's how you can go about it.

Begin by visiting YouTube's home page. Enter the topic or term you're looking for in the search field. This might range from "comedy skits" to "documentary about space." After entering your search word, press the 'Enter' key or click the search symbol.

Following the loading of the search results page, you'll notice a set of filters directly below the search field. You may sort movies using these filters by upload date, view count, and rating. To filter by length, however, you must first click the "Filter" button, which will expand to provide more possibilities.

Among the extended choices is a section labelled "Duration." YouTube normally offers two broad filters under this category: "Short (4 minutes)" and "Long (> 20 minutes)." These filters are handy for basic browsing, but they do not provide exact length filtering.

To filter movies by precise length, you'll need to use a workaround. Return to the search bar and insert a comma after your original search word. Now, provide the precise duration you want, formatted as "XXm YYs" where XX indicates minutes and YY represents seconds. For example, if you want comedy sketches that are exactly 10 minutes and 30 seconds long, your search word should be "comedy skits, 10m 30s."

After you've added the precise length to your search query, press 'Enter' once again. The search results will now prioritise videos that are the same or very similar to the length you chose. While this approach isn't flawless and may still return films that are a minute or two too long, it greatly narrows the results.

It's important to note that YouTube's algorithms and search capabilities are always developing. While the platform does not now have a function to directly filter films by precise duration, it is always conceivable that such a feature may be added in the future. Until then, the most efficient technique is to use the search box with precise time specifications.

To summarise, while YouTube provides a number of filtering tools to improve user experience, filtering by precise video length needs some ingenuity. You may construct a viewing experience personalised to your particular demands and time limits by efficiently using the search box and defining your preferred movie duration.