How Change My Email Address on Facebook

How Change My Email Address on Facebook

Facebook allows users to change their email address in a variety of ways. For example, you can change your email address on Facebook if you no longer want to receive notifications at your old one. To change your email address, go to Settings > Email > Contact Email and change your email address there. After you do this, Facebook will send a second email to your primary email account with the new address and a link to cancel the operation.

From your iPhone, you can also change your email address using the Facebook app. In iOS, you can choose "Settings & Privacy" from the bottom of the screen. In the Account Settings window, enter your new email address and confirm it. This will make your new address your primary Facebook email address.

After you change your email address, Facebook will email you a confirmation message to confirm the new address. Click on the link in the confirmation email. You can now use your new email address to login to your Facebook account. After you change your email address, you can also choose a new name for your account. This will be visible when people visit your profile.

After you make changes to your email address, you should confirm them with your current password. You will also be sent a verification email with a link to verify that you own the new email address. Once you verify that the new email address is your primary, Facebook will automatically set it as your primary contact. If you are using a mobile device, you can also access the Facebook app and change your email address. On the Facebook app, go to the hamburger menu and tap on the gear icon. Choose Settings & privacy.

Changing your email address on Facebook is easy! There are several different ways to change your Facebook email address. The easiest method is to change your primary email address. This is a quick and simple process, and it can be done on any computer. In addition to the email address, you can also change your phone number and contact information on Facebook.

You can change the primary email address on your Facebook account by going to the settings page. In the Manage Contact Info tab, you can enter your new email address. Once you confirm it, Facebook will make your new email your primary contact. You can also add a new phone number to Facebook using your mobile phone.

If you have been using Facebook for several years, you may want to change your email address. Your old email may have been hacked and you no longer want it to be accessible to anyone. If you change your email address now, you can prevent others from accessing your email account and changing your password. This simple process takes just a few minutes.