Facebook Stories: why include them in your digital strategy?

Facebook Stories: why include them in your digital strategy?

Stories whether on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat are THE formats of the moment. Simple, fun, and in tune with the times, they are perfect for attracting the attention of your subscribers. And good news, Facebook stories have become also available for business pages since 2017.
They provide not only increased visibility but also a striking format. Let’s see together why include them in your digital strategy.
Like other levers of your social ads strategy – Instagram Ads and Snapchat, Facebook stories are fun and temporary ways to share photos, videos, and various montages. They are thus accessible 24 hours to your fans.
The format is perfect for sharing the daily life of your company, highlighting your products in an original way, surfing on an event or news, and creating proximity with your subscribers.

Facebook Stories: a format with excellent Reach

As you know, in general, the reach of Facebook pages is constantly decreasing. This was in fact due to an overvaluation of the reach, itself due to an erroneous method of calculation (Facebook counted in the calculation all the publications downloaded, whether they had been seen or not).
One of the advantages of the Stories format is that Facebook wants to highlight them: in fact, they benefit from an excellent reach. The icing on the cake, Facebook stories are displayed at the top of the network feed, enough to be noticed by your audience in order to reengage them!

Facebook Stories: still little competition

As much as brands have already invested in stories on Instagram and Snapchat as part of their digital strategy, on Facebook, the option is still underused. Now is the time to differentiate yourself and take advantage of almost non-existent competition in this format.
If you are already active on the stories of other social networks, by recycling your content, you can gain visibility with less effort! As such, discover 3 best practices for effective Facebook ads as part of your Facebook Ads campaigns.