EU Opens Inquiry into TikTok's Handling of User Data and Age Controls

EU Opens Inquiry into TikTok's Handling of User Data and Age Controls

EU officials have initiated an investigation into popular social media platform TikTok over potential violations of the Digital Services Act (DSA). The DSA is new legislation enacted by the EU to regulate large online platforms and hold them accountable for issues like illegal content, consumer harms, and more.

According to reports, officials are concerned about TikTok's compliance with the DSA in several key areas related to the protection of minors on the app. This includes risks associated with app addiction, age verification processes, data security measures for underage users, and transparency around data practices.

The European Commission conducted a preliminary analysis of TikTok's risk assessment report submitted in September 2023 as well as responses to formal requests for information. Based on this, they determined an official investigation under the DSA was warranted.

If found to be in violation after a full investigation, TikTok could face fines of up to 6% of its global annual profits. However, the DSA also allows platforms to commit to remedying any issues, so a major financial penalty is not guaranteed.

Still, the investigation sends a message that EU regulators aim to strictly enforce the new regulations. They want to ensure large platforms properly protect consumers, especially minors, and curb the spread of illegal activities and harmful content.

The process of thoroughly investigating TikTok's practices will likely be lengthy as officials delve into the complex issues. They will seek additional information from the company and allow opportunities to appeal any findings.

All the while, EU officials will continue establishing precedents around acceptable and unacceptable behaviors governed by the DSA through these initial major cases. Their interpretations will shape how platforms modify operations and comply moving forward.

For social media marketers and agencies, closely following developments provides valuable insight into evolving regulatory landscapes. Ensuring marketing activities and client recommendations stay within all applicable guidelines is crucial.

Many rely on platforms' own compliance and content moderation efforts, so changes to these can require adjustments. By staying informed, SMM professionals are better equipped to advise clients and avoid risks to brands. Resources like industry news, legal briefings, and panel discussions all help marketers navigate shifting rules and standards.

As the TikTok investigation unfolds, more details will emerge on how strict the EU aims to be in policing the DSA. This case sets the tone for platform accountability going forward. Whether you run social campaigns yourself or hire an agency, keeping abreast of such regulatory news through your preferred resources helps futureproof your strategies.

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