Elon Musk's X Looks to Deeply Integrate Flawed Grok AI Chatbot

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is gearing up to integrate its AI chatbot, Grok, more deeply throughout the site. However, the chatbot's history of spreading misinformation and generating fake news stories has raised concerns about the wisdom of this move.

According to recent findings by app researcher Nima Owji, X has been working on code that reveals upcoming plans for expanding Grok's presence on the platform. While these features have not yet been publicly launched, they provide insight into how heavily Elon Musk, X's owner, is looking to rely on artificial intelligence.

One of the planned features will allow X Premium and Premium+ subscribers to highlight text on the platform and ask Grok about the selected content via a pop-up window, without having to leave the page. This "Ask Grok" prompt is designed to provide users with quick access to the chatbot's knowledge.

Another forthcoming feature is the "More about this account" prompt, which will enable paying users to request background information on specific X accounts directly from Grok. This will be accessible through a dedicated Grok button on user profile cards.

Perhaps the most significant planned integration is the "Grok drawer," a floating AI chatbot window that will remain accessible to subscribers as they navigate the site. This feature aims to make Grok available to users at all times, regardless of where they are on the platform.

Grok, the first product from Musk's AI company xAI, has already faced criticism for its mistakes and spreading of misinformation. In April, when X relaunched its Explore tab with Grok-generated news headlines and summaries, the chatbot created a fake story about Iran striking Tel Aviv with missiles. It also mistook user jokes for real news, generating a story about the NYPD having a "showdown" with an earthquake in NYC subways.

Despite these stumbles, Musk appears determined to make Grok a central part of the X experience. Reports suggest that he even wants the chatbot to create posts on behalf of users in the future. While the newly discovered features don't go quite that far, they demonstrate a clear intention to push Grok onto users throughout the platform.

As X moves forward with its plans to integrate Grok, it remains to be seen how users will respond and whether the chatbot's flaws will be addressed. The potential for spreading misinformation and fake news is a serious concern, especially given the influence that a major social media platform like X can have.

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