Discover the Hottest Summer Trends on Pinterest for 2024

Pinterest has once again proven itself to be a go-to destination for discovering the latest summer trends. With a user base of 518 million monthly active users, 40% of whom are from Gen Z, the platform is becoming a trendsetter across various categories, including fashion, beauty, home decor, and food. As we approach the summer of 2024, Pinterest has shared valuable insights into the hottest trends that are set to dominate the season.

One of the most prominent trends highlighted by Pinterest is "Maximalist" fashion. This bold and fearless approach to personal style embraces rock and roll aesthetics, alternative outfits, eye-catching patterns, and unconventional silhouettes.

Searches for terms like "tomboy femme" have seen a staggering 3,900% increase, while "baggy outfit ideas" and "Rock and Roll outfit" have experienced significant growth as well. Pinterest users are also showing interest in leather wear, geek chic, and Y3k outfits, demonstrating a desire to express their unique personalities through fashion.

In the beauty realm, "90's Beauty" is making a comeback. Searches for "90s makeup look" and "2000s makeup" have seen a surge in interest on Pinterest. Trends like "Calico hair," which has seen a 6,500% increase in searches, and "Heavy highlights on dark hair" are gaining popularity. Users are also seeking inspiration for '90s-inspired hairstyles, such as the layered bob, and nail art. The '90s glam makeup look is also experiencing a resurgence, with a 280% increase in searches.

When it comes to home décor, "dopamine décor" is the latest trend to watch. Pinterest users are moving away from bland, generic interiors and embracing spaces that burst with color, comfort, and character. This eclectic vintage style aims to create a welcoming sanctuary that reflects the individual's personality. Searches for "Grandma core bedroom" have skyrocketed by 2,605%, while "Tea sets vintage" and "Vintage plates on wall" have also seen significant increases.

Pinterest has also noted the influence of the TV show "Bridgerton" on summer trends, with searches for "elegant tea parties" on the rise. Additionally, users are seeking creative twists on summer foods, showcasing a desire to experiment with new flavors and presentation ideas.

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