Brands that use TT’s to promote a product

Brands that use TT’s to promote a product

Some community managers do not hesitate to use TT to promote their products. The tweets are sometimes well done and ingenious, but sometimes there is little subtlety.
In some cases, a link is even put directly in the tweet to access the stated product.
Without necessarily offering a link, other brands quote their product precisely with the TT hashtag. With more subtlety, the CMs of Innocent and Danette highlight their product, while maintaining the context of the hashtag. Thanks to this, the brand remains in a demonstration but respects the essence of the TT.
Finally, it is also possible to promote a product indirectly. Paramount Pictures, for example, offers to go to the cinema when a film from their distribution is released.

Other brands that invest in TT while remaining faithful to their universe

Always with a view to promoting products, the social media agency of certain brands mentions them when communicating on Twitter. But unlike the examples presented in the first part, the brand does not explicitly invite consumption.
Admittedly, the product remains at the center of the tweet, but we don't talk about the reference or the fact that the company sells it.
With this method, the universe of the brand is preserved in the tweet, without the pretext of the sale being too obvious.

Brands that react to engage in everyday Twitter

Finally, some brands choose to simply tweet about trends to be visible. Unrelated to the products or the brand universe, these tweets are part of the news feed and are beneficial to the brand image.
TTs that are often humorous or relate to everyday life can make brands appear more human and likable. If the inspiration is there, surfing a TT is an opportunity to create engagement and satisfy tweeters. Nevertheless, the purpose of social networks is not to sell at all costs, it is necessary to make sure not to distort a tweet and to keep a certain subtlety.