Adopt a more authentic social media strategy thanks to UGC

Adopt a more authentic social media strategy thanks to UGC

UGC (or User Generated Content) is certainly one of the most powerful social media strategies. It allows your brand to “entrust” the creation of its content to members of its community.
UGC, therefore, allows you to multiply your efforts on social networks, without investing more. But the publications that your subscribers will share have above all a stronger engagement potential than those that your brand creates internally.
According to the latest studies, 59% of consumers find UGC to be more authentic. And 79% that it has a stronger impact on their purchasing decision.
A brand that has understood the potential of UGC very well is Nike! For example, it encourages its community to create content around its products and to share it via the hashtag #JustDoIt, which now has more than 20 million posts on Instagram.
Nike also created the #betterforit hashtag to encourage female followers to share their training and fitness goals. Two months after the launch of the campaign, the women's division of Nike experienced a 20% increase in turnover.

Offer captivating experiences

Social networks are visual mediums. The best way to capture the attention of its users, and therefore to engage your followers, is to inject extraordinary visual experiences into their feed.
Rather than simply highlighting your products, as you would in a product sheet, focus on the experience that consumers will be able to have thanks to it.
GoPro is certainly the brand that has bet the most on the visual impact of its content. A simple glance at its Instagram profile and we immediately understand how it was able to unite an audience of nearly 20 million subscribers.
Rather than staging its products, it takes its subscribers to the summit of Kilimanjaro or makes them parachute jump over the Alps. Posts that are both creative and impressive do not go unnoticed.

Micro-influencers for macro results

Macro influence is on the decline in social media. It is not only not very accessible for brands that are embarking on a social media strategy. But consumers identify much more with small creators. The content they share seems more authentic to them and micro-influencers are more able to maintain a real link with their community.
‍Even giants like Google have understood the power of micro-influence. The company has collaborated with niche accounts like @thesorrygirls (which has less than 100K followers), which is DIY-focused. Their post got an impressive engagement rate of almost 60%

Let the creativity of your influencer do the talking

‍For many brands that are getting into influencer marketing, entrusting their image to content creators is often difficult. Many make the mistake, when they form their first partnerships with influencers, of sharing ultra-precise briefs.
But while it's important to have a clear idea of ​​what you're looking for and the goals you want to achieve, being too directive can stifle your new partner's creativity. Influencers are in the best position to communicate naturally and authentically with their community. They know how to capture their attention, and what kind of information they are looking for about a brand and its products.