A few tips for a successful UGC campaign

A few tips for a successful UGC campaign

Always ask permission from the content creator

While searching for the latest posts with your branded hashtag, did you find a photo you'd like to repost on your account? Before sharing, ask the creator for consent. He does not necessarily know that this hashtag is linked to a UGC campaign. By contacting them for permission, you show your interest in their content in a professional manner and protect yourself from any copyright issues.

Credit the creator

Continuing from the previous point, it is also essential to credit the original creator of the content. To do this, tag it directly in your post, indicating the credit for the photo, video, or text.
If you plan to share this content on another platform, contact the creator to find out how they would like to be mentioned on other social networks. For example, if you want to share a photo from Instagram to your Facebook page, ask them if they have a Facebook page that you could identify.
Adding credits to your publications is a way to recognize the work of content creators and helps you strengthen your brand image. For your subscribers, it is the assurance that the shared image was indeed created by a third party, and not by your brand.

Clearly express your need for user-generated content

When a user on social networks generates content related to your brand, it is often in the hope of being seen and recognized for it. To carry out your UGC campaign, you must therefore let them know precisely what type of content you expect.
Do not be afraid to be specific by indicating a clear and precise course of action. The American lingerie, activewear, and homewear brand Aerie has launched the #AerieReal. The goal of this UGC campaign is to show the real body of women.
The request was simple and explicit: post a photo of yourself in a swimsuit without any editing. To encourage the process, the brand has also committed to donating one dollar for each publication with #AerieReal to an American association dedicated to the prevention of eating disorders.
Too many brands rely solely on their own content to gain user trust. Make a difference by including your community in your communication. Thanks to their creativity, you will be able to benefit from authentic content, highlighting your products, and your brand. Be the brand that listens to its audience and is proud of its community.